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Sophia & William

Sophia & William 100ft Wall Mounted Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Sophia & William 100ft Wall Mounted Retractable Garden Hose Reel

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A common issue on dealing with a traditional garden hose: we spend too much energy and time on bending down or rolling it up. If you are tired of bending over and winding back in a hose then this is the solution. This retractable hose real is a back saver and time saver. Makes gardening easier and more enjoyable even for young kids or aging parents. Pull it out to your desired length and it stays, then when ready it automatically rolls it back for you. It's definitely a great way to store and use hoses.

The hose with 8 patterns hose nozzle allows you to choose any water pattern you need. JET, SOAKER, ANGLE, FLAT, CONE, SHOWER, CENTER and MIST patterns. Whether you need to water your garden, water your flowers, rinse the ground, give your pet a bath or rinse the stains off the surface of your car, it's got you covered!

The robust wall bracket make the water hose holder to pivot 180 degrees in the direction. You can hang the reel on the brick, concrete, wood, and stone with the mount kit. The wall mount can be easily removed and stored away to avoid the high temperatures or cold winters. With the built-in handle you can carry it with ease.


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